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unbelievablably the new york city mara thon goes on sunday. most important picture on the cover of the new york post the gen rators are putting electricity to tents in central park instead of the entire area of staten island or long island. that area has no power or home or shelter, nothing. >> steve: it is here in new york city and streets of midtown are fill would of people who are here for the mara thon that is here this weekend. and politicians said why didn't they cancel it. we understand millions of dollars come in the city. but still, we have people in the water in new york city. it is the worst storm to ever hit new york city, eric, why is it going on? if rudy guiliani was the mayor of new york city. those generators would not be parked outside of a tent in central park they would be in staten island. >> eric: number one the morgs on staten island. they are using make shift morgs-- morgues. and mark them in the gas stations where the lines are long. only a few have power . number three getting power to people. like those people . we have no clothes. we can't get back in our homes. new y
of massachusetts and connecticut. new york city we will see a mix out here. coastal areas and switch it over to snow and sleet as well we are looking at it here. not too much accumulation . as we head westbound, we have winter weather advisoris and southeast portions of pennsylvania and down in west virginia. we are expecting accumulation of two-four inches and it is a quick mover. we expect it to be out of the northeast this evening and by 3:00 p.m. tuesday. we'll be dealing with sleet and snow . connecticut and massachusetts and look at 9:00 p.m. tuesday. most areas are dry. we'll see dryer air pushing behind the storm system and quiet in the morning here on tuesday- thursday. it is firing nup upstate new york in wednesday and thursday. behind the storm. 20 right now in chicago and 20 in kansas city . currently in the teens. in denver and rapid city and minneapolis. bundle up here and 42 in new york city. high temperatures this afternoon. not warming up a lot in new york. 40 and 30 in cleveland and chicago and minneapolis. guys. >> all right. you can't avoid the winter. >> gretchen: every
are all here this morning. >> steve: i was going to add gretchen. millions of people in new york city area this morning are walking up absolutely frozen, it was very, error chilly. >> frozen in a lot of places. >> gretchen: the libya story that fox has aggressively covered. katherine harris one of our reporters breaking the story . it looks as if the month before the september 11th attack on the consulate in benghazi there was an alert that was sent out and foreshadowing and warning to the state department saying two things. al-qaida training camps that were happening in libya and in benghazi and the consulate could not defend any kind of coordinated attack. is this the smoking agun that people were looking for that this government knew the situation a month before it happened? here is katherine. >> the status of the cable i really believe having red - read it, it is a smoking gun. an emergency meeting less than a month before the attack. people are told there are 10 islamic militias in benghazi . the consulate needs extra help. and this information goes to the directly to the office of se
. they will debut in september 12th in san francisco. if it goes well it will expand to new york city and boston next year. they hope to generate $50 million in san francisco alone and recover in losses each year. >> yeah, they need to do that. we hear rumblings in amazon is doing same day delivery. you want to buy a book or dvd and it shows up at your house. time to privatize it nand those of you who leave the house today. maria is here with a check of the weather. >> good morning, everyone. we are lookingalt a nice day in the east coast it is it a beautiful couple of days in portions of the northeast and we are enjoying a lot of sunshine and temperatures that are mild for this time of year. high temperature at 54 degrees sunshine and heading southbound. wide spread high attaches in florida and upper 60s in the city of atlanta and we'll notice the changes in the east coast and that is thank to a strong front pushing in parts of the midmississippi valley and behind the system much colder and only 27 degrees. we are in the teen portions of the midwest bismarck 24 degrees. and if you head out to t
is down right now on the busiest travel day of the year. currently in new york city. 53 degrees and 62 in raleigh and 80 currently looking for a daytime high in dallas and 70s on the gulf coast. >> brian: first story in sports is not the amazing newings. former world boxing champ hector camacho was shot in the face. he's in critical condition and shot in puerto rico. hit in the face and neck. another man in the car was killed. so far no motive was revealed. basketball now. lakers eeking out a win under the new coach mike d'antoni. they won over the nets. and we'll let you know how the new stadium s. unbelievable performance for the college hoopster last night. wake the kid and get them dress put them in the shower. jack taylor from division three granle college in iowa scored 138 points. that is a ncaa record. break them down. kilmeade, twen-27 three point and 52 of 108 shots from the field and 7-free throse and world's best basketball players took notice and listen what the pros say. charles jenkins. wouldn't be surprised if he transferred tomorrow with the points. kevin dur an. jack
in the streets of new york city. you don't see that every day. why are they going. and what do lottery winners doing with all of that dough. the next guest said he didn't do anything he thought they would. his story next. >> americans spent 59 billion over four days. 59 billion. we spent 15 billion a day. almost breaking president obama's record . can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. in case you missed it. this was the numbers in the jackpot. did you win? i hope so. if you are a lucky winner, be careful before you spend all of that cash. >> for the winners pay attention. i know where you are. steven white won over two million in a powerball. he joins us this morning. steven looking back and reliving that moment are you glad you won? >> yes, very much, i am very happy that i won, but it is not what the average person woul
in the new york city area that are now homeless. some say that figure might be as low as 20,000. it is difficult to ascertain. this i can tell you, if you're one of them, the situation here is catastrophic. many of them have nowhere to live, nowhere to go. meanwhile, the gas situation has improved somewhat. over the past week, there have now been some 41 arrests, disorderly conduct, at gas stations. new york's governor says that additional gas is now being brought in to the region. the situation should improve. and very quickly, as for those voting today, in new jersey, you can vote electronically and in new york, if you have been displaced because of the storm, we are told you can vote at the nearest or most convenient polling place. one of the things they're doing in the rockaways, bussing people to a polling station, already at this hour, long lines. >> brian: the south shore of long island is not much different. most of those people are sleeping in their houses, which are below freezing right now. and nothing has been done. zero. no one is coming. no one is talking. no o
to be bull dozed to the ground. city of new york is bull dozing homes that are too damage to standment >> we have more strture damage and call the building department to come and reevaluate the structure. >> they have to rip it apart and i can't get it on out. so, i am stuck. >> the city is struggling to find homeowners lifing with family and friends and tell them about the demolition plan. brian, call your neighbors. walmart warning workers not to walk out on giant friday. they filed a complaint of the union of illegally organized strikes. workers demonstrated last week complaining of low wamings and high health care costs. they typeset to protest through black friday. walmart said there will be plenty of atf that day. fans have spoken. >> the american music award goes to. justin bieber. >> that's right. the bieb won top awart artist of the year and pop album and male artist. ♪ and check out carrie underwood blowing out with two black cadillacs. biggest surprise came in the end of the night. it is gangnam style. ♪ ♪ mc hammer and gangnam style. they thought it couldn't be done. they j
. >> gretchen: look at the thwarted terrorist attacks in new york city maybe that will make you think about how preventative law enforcement works and preventative military works. >> steve: what about blowing the hole in the consulate wall and 40 people got out and that was prior warning. >> gretchen: there are other stories making news today. you probably seen the head of the world's most famous anti-virus cum. john mcafee wanted for murder? police in belize want to question him about the shooting death of a neighbor. fall file would a complaint for mcafee for firing guns. mcafee had recently experimented with drugs and arrested on gun charges. >> senator john kerry will be nominated to president obama's cabinet but not as secretary of state. president obama may ask the vietnam veteran to replace leon panetta instead it is unlikely he will stay on for the full second term. as for the secretary of state position it is widely believed that the president will nominate susran rice. rice appeared on five different sunday talk show in the aftermath of the terrorist attack and blaming the anti-muslim
in new york city until rick descends down one of the tallest buildings in connecticut and there he is. screen left from last year screen right. when he bumped into the building. good morning to you rick. >> some traditions like fruit cake that shouldn't happen . maybe it is one of those tradition. you do it once and this is a building here. give you a shot from the top going down. it gets a little dark there. it gives you an individual. tan ford downtown height lights and they start it off by santa going over this with elvescan on sunday night. last couple of years we had the general manager of the yankee with us . bobby valentine espn analyst and the three of us going down the wall. it is a chilly morning here and after you stand outside in a chilly morning on top of ing you foot building it gets cold. >> bobby valentine joins you and brian cash man. >> it is. >> they are arch rivals. >> you need to get your question. >> that is news in sports. >> rick, i sent pepto bis malto use. i am not sure it made it to you before. >> you should have sent it to my home last night. i am sure i wi
and spent two decades working for new york city emergency management services. early this morning, nearly 293,000 homes and businesses in new york state were without power. another 403,000 in new jersey. airlines canceling at least 1300 flights in and out of new york metropolitan area leading to travel slow downs across the country. today commuters in the northeast will deal with lingering snowfall, icy roads, gusting winds, rain and the threat of flooding. residents are fed up. >> mother nature is really killing us right now. >> i'm sorry for whatever we did. we'll make it up to you. >> this is awful. this is just beyond terrible. it's awful. i'm done. >> crews haven't had a chance to come clean up all this debris. it's still line ago lot of the streets and health hazards associated with that, the mold growing and everything else. when people walk out of their homes to see this beautiful white snowfall in some areas, they don't know what's underneath it and it's twisted metal, splintered wood and nails. definitely a word of caution for those folks this morning of the but good news for th
in line for gas due to the gas shortage in the new york metropolitan area from sandy. now new york city rationing gas like new jersey started earlier in the week to ease the pain. antoine lewis is live with more from queen, new york, where they're lining up and today is what, an odd or even day? >> it is an odd day, brian. what that means is that if your license plate ends in an odd number, then you can get gas today. this rationing went into effect, at 6:00 o'clock this morning. if you end in an even number, tomorrow is day. they are making sure that no one is getting gas on the day they're not supposed to. so they're being very serious about it. a lot of people have been frustrated. you're seeing how long this line extends up 39th street here in queens. this has been the case all over the place all over the tri-state. new jersey started it earlier this week. now it's new york's turn. we'll see how it goes. the lines have been moving. this one has moved, but it is still significantly long. >> steve: it is a mess. antoine, thank you very much. over to ali and the other brian. >> brian:
in the new york city area. fema saw this storm coming for a couple of days. what did they do? they screwed up the gas fly. we don't have gas. we've got odd-even in new jersey where i live. then you would think that fema would have water for people. fema ran out of water last week and extraordinarily, just a couple of days ago, on friday they finally put out the bids for the water. the water may be delivered today, but it's not going to get to people for another day or two. >> the gas lines are miles long in some case. i don't even understand it. if somebody is looking for gas, how can you have the car on? people are waiting for four or five hours to get gas and the whole thing is horrible. i think it's been very badly mishandled and i think ultimately, that could very, very much hurt the president. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, because there was a lot of political talk about governor chris christie in new jersey and his adoration for the president and how much he said he helped initially in this storm. then, they had the photo op together. many people thought that was maybe a negative aga
the new york city subways in rush hour. the judge will sentence the 28 year old this afternoon. prosecutors are anding that he spend the raft of his life behind bars. the f-22 fighter jets have had problems for years. one crashed in the panhandle. the pilot was able to safety. the 190 mullion dollar raptors were grounded last year over reports that pilots were deprived of oxygen. president obama meeting with top leaders to avoid the fiscal cliff. boehner and mcconnel and nancy pelosi and harry reed reed. without a deal billions of tax increases go into affect january 1st. and those are your head lines. i would like to be a fly on the wall for that meeting. >> brian: there is shock waves across the markets. coming in way above expectations, remember that explanation. hurricane sandy's fault. everyone gets fired when a hurricane hits? what kind of logic is that. >> a crash scene with a baby girl trapped in the twisted metal. but you haven't seen the hero that jumped inside to save her, he's coming up this hour. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw dro
. temperatures in the gulf coast almost 60. it will be 68 in atlanta and 50 here in new york city and only 40 in caribou, maine. that is a look at the forecast for traveling tuesday. >> alisyn: it is three weeks since hurricane sandy ripped through the east coast. our next guest lost her house and tried to get help from fema and the build being department with no answers. >> brian: long island residents melinda joins us. it is a harrowing time for you and thousands on long island in staten island to new jersey and new york city, too. you have a business in your house. >> right, my business is in my house and we were displaced by fem a. they told us that our house was uninhabitable. we are living in long beach now. that is my basement . and i push to have that gutted. we had to like -- there is a lot of people who needed the houses drained. it is down and that stuff is out on the street now . that is our boardwalk. watching long beach go down a tough one. yeah. >> alisyn: your house as you said is uninhabitable and it is flooded with five feet of water. what are you suppose dod do now? >> righ
and people can't find out private information about yourself. imagine you are at a parade like new york city. macy's thanksgiving day parade and all of that confetti that is falling down on to you is personal secres about people. social security numbers and incident arrestts about people here. >> brian: romney detail in longg long. that detail was out there. >> steve: apparently nassau county police department hired a company to shred and they didn't do a good job. looking at the little strings. you can find social security numbers and bank information and they unveil would under cover officer's identities. as well it goes on and on. it was discovered by ethan. it is. thank you very much. he was standing by 65 and central park west when he noticed on his friend, they have the little piece of confetti with social security stuff . here it is recounting that moment. >> i was enjoying the balloons and this time i was overwhelmed with look at all of this information. it was like ssn colon and we thought it was a romney motorcade and maybe a detective's name on the paper. it was shocking to me tha
are blaming new york city michael bloomberg. they say they bought hybrid cars because the mayor was going to require all cabs to be hybrids by this year, but then the court shot down that mandate and they changed the rules. >> gretchen: the kindness of strangers extended to animals in the wild. koala narrowly escape has blaze. he got a much needed drink of water. well, if this scene looks familiar to you, you're right. this picture of a firefighter feed ago koala water after a fire three years ago became an internet sensation. they're especially vulnerable because they move slowly on the ground. >> steve: from koalas to a goose and kilmeade. >> brian: thank you very much. i'll accept that toss. he went from running the field as a defensive tackle to running the side lines as a fox analyst. gets to sit there with his hands in his pocket and tell everyone what's going on on the field, teaching america also is something else he does. he owns restaurants. he's an entrepreneur. tony saragusa and he's going to tell bus this great burger contest. you worked the saints-falcons game. big upset. un
comments are unfounded. >> police in new york city arresting and charging a salesman. they grilled him 24 hours before he cracked and confessed. cops believe that he knew all three of the victims. they found this gun in the bag which he kept in his girl friend's apartment. bankruptcy judge giving hostess the green light to shut down and sell off the brown including the twinkie and zingers. the ruling comes between the talks between the union and company. we are hoping that it would not happen. the judge was sympathetic to hostess because they felt like the unions were running it with the cycle without medication. >> someone will snap up the brand. >> let's hope so. >> say goodbye to the ho-hos. look at this house. literally torn in half by monster storm sandy. the couple will join us with how much they have to be thankful for and that is the iconic house of the storm. >> absolutely. and want to take that thanksgiving dinner home with you? make it sure it is it tsa approve would. left over dos and don'ts and so you can fly with that pumpkin pie. >> they told me i couldn't bring a banana. >
the first time they shot down a helicopter with a surface to air missile. >> steve: remember who new york city firefighters head to new orleans to help after hurricane katrina? firefighters from the big easy now returning the favor. 40 new orleans firefighters are headed to areas destroyed by sandy that will spend two weeks helping the fire department of new york clean houses and if need be, fight fires. >> we want to inspire these guys, like they inspired us when we saw coming down here. >> there is hope. you can rebuild and you can come back. i'm speaking from experience, unfortunately. i lost my house in katrina and again recently in hurricane isaac. >> steve: southwest airlines heard about it and offered to fly all the firefighters to new york for free. >> brian: college in north carolina could be heading to court after taking the christmas out of christmas trees. yep. the alliance defending freedom group turning to sue western piedmont community college accusing them of violating the first amendment right. students submitted an announcement for their christmas tree sale. but when pos
will tour several new york city neighborhoods devastated by hurricane sandy. it's his second visit to the area. he was in new jersey actually. thousands are still without heat or power. >> brian: in long island, residents have grown furious and are filing a class action lawsuit against the long island power authority, known as lipa. jennifer is a resident of oceanside, new york and part of that lawsuit. jennifer, it's an act of god. you can't control it. do you feel it's been responded to and prepared for well? >> no. >> brian: what are you experiencing now? >> we had no power. i just got it back yesterday. i have no heat, no hot water. nobody is helping. nobody. >> gretchen: who are you trying to call and what kind of response do you get? >> lipa, they were promising me every day. 24 hours, 48 husband, we'll get your power on. five days now, i got nothing. >> brian: how many blocks does this span? >> it was just my block yesterday. it was my home, a senior citizen home, and an apartment complex and a gas station. we had no power. >> gretchen: you finally got power yesterday, but y
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)